May 2014 is Scams Awareness Month

'Scams Awareness Month’ is a joint national initiative by Trading Standards and Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

For further information on scams visit the Citizens Advice web-site and for comprehensive advice on Mass Marketing Scams visit  Dont be fooled, it could happen to you if you are not on your guard. A number of videos are available on the thinkjessica website, including a past BBC East of England report that illustrates the dangers of and misery caused by Mass Marketing Scams.

This year the theme for National Neighbourhood & Home Watch Week will be ‘fraud and cybercrime’, so scams awareness month provides a nicely connected lead-in to that week later on (14th – 22nd June). 


Chief On Tour


Chief Constable Douglas Paxton and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore will be going ‘on tour’ across the county this year, visiting Ipswich on the Corn Hill on Wednesday 30th July 2014. 

The Chief and PCC will set up base in a mobile police station and be available for members of the public to speak about any policing or community issues. The mobile police station will be open from 10am-3pm and the Chief and PCC will be present from 11am-2pm. Members of the local Safer Neighbourhood Team will also be there to answer local queries, as well as Crime Reduction Officers and representatives from Suffolk Safekey.

Suffolk Safekey is the Constabulary key fob recovery and database service, which feeds money into the Safer Suffolk Foundation, supporting projects and organisations that look to address policing, community safety and quality of life issues for those people living and working in Suffolk.  

Chief Constable Douglas Paxton said: "We ran ‘Chief on Tour’ for the first time last year and I was really pleased with how well it was received.  Lots of people visited us in every location to talk to me about a huge range of issues. This is a great way of me getting to the heart of our local towns and finding out what people think.

"Our communities tell us that they are very happy with the policing they receive in Suffolk and this is fantastic.  There has been a great deal of organisational change for the Constabulary over recent years as we provide policing with a smaller budget, and I want to be available for people to speak to me about these issues and any others. It is great that Tim will be joining me this year and I would encourage all to come along to speak with us, as well as the local team.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: "Public engagement is a crucial element of my role and I thoroughly enjoy these opportunities to get out to talk directly to people about the policing service they receive. This is a great chance to discuss any aspect of policing with me and the Chief Constable and I hope lots of people will come along to see us."

‘Giving it away?’


Tuesday 15 April - Wyevale Garden Centre

just off the A12 on Grundisburgh Road near Woodbridge, between 10am and 3pm

Take the opportunity to have a chat with Police Community Support Officers about the steps you can take to protect your home and property from criminals.

The event has a focus on garage, shed and outbuilding security, with a range of information available on the things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime.

The aim is to get all those with sheds, garages, summerhouses and similar buildings to think about security, to consider installing a relatively inexpensive shed alarm and to take extra measures to protect any items stored inside.

Simple steps such as locking up and securing valuables doesn’t have to be expensive but can make all the difference.  A shed alarm, often available for under £10, can make it uncomfortable for any burglar who triggers it while trying to break in as well as it alerting you to the attempt, while good quality locks or padlocks can deter a burglar from even trying.

The team will also be advising visitors how outbuilding burglaries can lead to, and are often linked with, home burglaries. For example, in some cases tools stolen from sheds have been used to break into homes while in others entry has been gained to a property via a linked insecure garage.

As part of the day the PCSOs are inviting you to bring items such as bike, phones and tools with you, if you wish, in order to get them security marked. Once coded it makes reuniting you and your property much easier if it is ever stolen and then recovered, as often police locate items but then have difficulty tracing the rightful owner.

There will also be a competition with the opportunity to win Wyevale gift vouchers.


AGM logo

Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association 
7.30pm Wednesday 30th April 2014 - Stonham Baptist Church IP14 5JT

This is meeting is open to all NHW members


1.    Apologies for absence
2.    Minutes of AGM held on 23rd April 2013 
3.    Matters arising.
4.    Chairman’s Report
5.    Secretary Report -  position vacant
6.    Treasurer’s Report
7.    Election of Officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster
8.    Resolution for the dissolving of the Association *
9.    Recommendations for the disposal of the Association’s assets **
10.  Any other Business.

*   This item will only be considered should the posts of Officers of the Association not be filled
Quote: ‘Due to the lack of Officers to run the business of Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association this meeting agrees with deep regret to dissolve the organisation. Any assets of the Association either in money or goods to be distributed by the existing committee members in accordance with the wishes of those present at the AGM, and after any debts or expenses incurred by the Association have been met.

** This item will only be considered should the posts of Officers of the Association not be filled and Item 8 is passed.

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