Home For Christmas


With Christmas preparations in full swing at the moment, it is easy to forget about home security.  However, there have been 25 burglaries in Ipswich in the past three weeks and becoming a victim can be especially distressing over the festive period.  Please take a few moments to check on your own security and also that of any vulnerable family, friends or neighbours. If you require any further advice please contact your local crime reduction officer on 101.  


H   ave you locked all of your doors and windows? 
O   pportunists will strike at any time – always double check doors are  
       locked even when you are in. 
M   any burglaries occur at the rear so lock gates and have a 6ft boundary 
E   mpty houses attract attention – leave lights on timers.

F   amily member out celebrating?  Don’t leave the door unlocked for  

O   pportunist burglars will squeeze through a small window left open for
      a cat.

R   egister your gifts at www.immobilise.com

C  ash is the burglar’s favourite item to steal.  Don’t keep quantities in
      the house.

H   ide presents away – don’t leave them on view under the tree. 
R  eport anything suspicious on 101 or 999. 
 I   nsecure sheds leave tools available for burglars to break in with.
S   tay in touch – sign up to Police Connect (www.suffolk.police.uk)
T   oo good to be true?  – don’t support crime by buying items you think
     may be stolen.
M ake new friends and stay safe by joining Neighbourhood Watch.
A larms do deter burglars – don’t forget to use it or consider getting one
S tore valuable items away from the master bedroom in a secure, secret

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