Neighbourhood Watch selfies!

OurWatch, the National Neighbourhood and Home Watch Organisation are encouraging people to take part in their upcoming selfie campaign!

The rise of social media and smartphones has seen the concept of ‘selfies’ become a big trend, and there is huge potential for Neighbourhood & Home Watch to get involved. It provides an opportunity for all of us to show how active NHW is in our respective areas, especially if there are lots of street signs up!

Like the national organisation, Ipswich NW would love to see your selfies too, and we can have our own selfie picture gallery! This is what you need to do:

  • Take a picture of yourself next to a Neighbourhood/Home Watch sticker or sign
  • or with fellow NHW members
  • Next to other kind of ‘Watch’ signs e.g. Pub Watch, Shop Watch etc.
  • or with key people such as police officers, PCC’s etc.

If you use Twitter or Facebook, you can use the hashtag #NHWSelfie,
or you can send your pictures to us at Ipswich NW via

At the same time you can donate to the National NHWN by texting NHWN14 £X (The X being the donation amount) to 70070.

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