Rise in car crime


In a hurry? It is so tempting to quickly press your car key fob, whilst walking away from your vehicle, thinking that it has locked - but are you sure? This is the main area of concern at the moment for all parts of the Town. All SNT’s have noticed a rise in car crime where the vehicles have not been locked.

So a polite reminder to you of the importance of physically checking that your vehicle is locked, even if it is parked on your driveway. It goes without saying, and never leave any items of value in your vehicle, or even more so on display - as this can attract the opportunist.

The Police have recently received a couple of reports from residents to say that they had seen a person trying car doors. In one instance the offender was arrested by the Police, but in the other instance the Police did not receive the report until several hours later as the witness was scared to report it. 

So a reminder to everyone of the importance of reporting such sightings, immediately, on 999.

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