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Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator prevents theft of Charity bags


Charity bags left out for collection are often stolen and the contents sold for personal gain. This can not only be an annoyance for the householder that kindly donated the clothes but for the Charity that they were intended for, as they are losing a valuable source of income.

On the 14th May a local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, for a newly launched Scheme in Dales Road, saw two males hanging around, then collected Charity bags from the area locating them all outside a property. The Co-ordinator called 101 and the Police attended to check these males out, who were actually collection agents for the Charity concerned and their van had broken down. A while later the co-ordinator heard a van pull up and went outside to see if it was the van to collect these Charity bags. It was not, therefore the co-ordinator immediately phoned 999, the Police attended within minutes and the occupants of the van were arrested. The Co-ordinator made an official statement to the Police, the offenders went to Court and were subsequently charged & sent to prison for three months.

The positive actions of this NW Co-ordinator not only prevented this crime from being completed but the offenders were dealt with accordingly.

The Co-ordinator commented "If faced with a similar situation: Note as many details as you can. Registration, make and colour of vehicle and a good description of the offender/s."

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